Lead in Sports /// Lead in Life

Our Mission

Trey is a nonprofit youth sports startup on a mission: empower student-athletes to achieve lifelong success. We provide high school athletes with the tools to make informed college decisions, thoroughly prepare for college, succeed as student-athletes, and successfully transfer sport-based leadership skills into life.

The Three Pillars of Trey’s Programming

Trey Academy
Our signature workshop series provides Trey Athletes with guidance and preparation for college, leadership development, and peer-to- peer learning with other high-potential athletes.

Trey Mentors
Via sponsored outings and ongoing one-on-one communication, Trey Athletes receive individualized mentorship from a dedicated mentor. Our mentors are former college and professional athletes who have firsthand experience with the challenges and opportunities unique to elite competition.

Trey Online
In order to guide their college research, college decision, and college preparation process, Trey Athletes are granted access to our exclusive database of information on college teams.

Interested in becoming a Trey Athlete or Trey Mentor?
Email us at: info@treyathletes.org