Are you ready to become an inspirational role model and supportive presence in the lives of Trey Athletes?

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Co-Founder Rebecca Feickert with program participants

Steps to Become a Trey Mentor

First, complete our short application process. You will need to provide two references and consent to a background check.
We can’t wait to get to know you! The interview enables us to ensure the right match between you and our Trey Athletes.
Next, complete our Mentor training program, so that you can foster both a nurturing mentorship experience and lifelong relationships that are safe, fun, and impactful for both you and the Trey Athletes.
Based on location, personality, interests, and preferences, we work hard to match you with the right Trey Athletes.
Communicate with your Trey Athletes weekly, and meet with them once or twice monthly. This is just the start of our relationship. We will also support you along the way! You will receive ongoing training and can lean on us for the support needed to make you the best mentor you can be.

Trey Mentor Requirements

1. Character – Must be a positive role model who wants to give back.

2. Age – Must be 25 years or older.

3. Commitment – Must commit to at least a year of mentorship.

4. Athletic Experience – Must have experience as a collegiate or professional athlete.

5. Academic Excellence – Must have a college degree.

Don’t meet all these requirements? We have other ways for you to get involved! Fill out a volunteer application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment to serve as a Trey Mentor?
Consistent communication and support is the foundation of an effective mentoring relationship. Trey Mentors communicate with their Trey Athletes each week and meet in person once or twice per month; this results in a time commitment of approximately four to five hours per month. Trey Mentors commit to a one-year minimum of mentorship, although ideally the mentorship continues far beyond that.

What types of activities will Trey Mentors and Trey Athletes do together?
A Trey Mentor is a supportive adult who has the life experiences and knowledge to help Trey Athletes realize their leadership potential. Each Trey Mentor receives content to review with his or her Trey Athletes as well as a list of suggestions for activities to do together. Additionally, Trey hosts regular, exclusive group social events and outings, to which all Trey Athletes and Trey Mentors are invited.

How will I be matched with Trey Athletes?
In your interview, we will get to know you, your background, and any skills, interests, and preferences relevant to your being a Trey Mentor. Using this information, we will work with you to find the Trey Athletes who match your location, personality, interests, and preferences, and you to theirs. Trey is dedicated to providing a safe and fun experience for each and every Trey Athlete and Trey Mentor.

How do Trey Athletes become a part of the program?
Trey Athletes are nominated or apply to be part of our program. Each Trey Athlete is a high-potential competitor intent on becoming a lifelong leader through sport as well as a young, developing high schooler who is excited about receiving a Trey Mentor to help him or her along the way.

What is the cost to be a Trey Mentor?
Zero! There is no charge for Trey Athletes or Trey Mentors to be part of our program. We invite Trey Mentors to help cover part or all of the cost of their background checks, as this allows us to focus our donations on helping more Trey Athletes.

Trey Mentors may individually choose to spend money on activities with their Trey Athletes. However, we encourage no-cost or low-cost excursions. Additionally, Trey hosts regular, exclusive group social events and outings, to which all Trey Athletes and Trey Mentors are invited.

What support is provided to Trey Mentors?
Before being matched to their Trey Athletes, Trey Mentors must complete a pre-match orientation session. This training lays the ground rules and instills a familiarity with our program, enabling our Trey Mentors to be most effective. Once a Trey Mentor is matched, he or she is assigned a Trey Advisor, who will be in regular contact to empower, update, and counsel. Even a mentor needs guidance.

How are matches concluded?
At Trey, we’re diligent in setting up our matches to succeed. However, we realize that sometimes things come up. Trey Athletes or Trey Mentors might move, undergo a major life change, or feel that their current match isn’t a good fit. If this happens, we will assess the situation and take action to improve or conclude the match. Through it all, your Trey Advisor will be there to support you.

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