Our signature workshop series provides Trey Athletes the opportunity to engage in team-building with high-potential peer athletes, mentorship, leadership development, and guidance in preparation for college.

Lead in Sports, Lead in Life

In the Classroom

Trey Athletes meet regularly with their cohort in a classroom setting. In these sessions our athletes are taught how to make an informed college decision, the building blocks to an empowering personal identity, the skills to manage the demanding workload of being a collegiate student athlete, and the ways to take their skills in sport and translate them into post-career success.

The Curriculum

The Trey Academy curriculum was developed by taking a high level look at what information and skills high schools athletes will need to perform at a high level in college. After over a year of work, the curriculum is the culmination of the Trey’s expertise in the field of education and the lessons we learned from its pilot program. Our team identified time management, self-advocacy and communication skills as some of the key needs for our Trey Athletes. From there we created lessons that encompass a series of activities and learnings with the goal of ultimately equipping our Trey Athletes for success on and off the field. The Trey Academy curriculum is built to empower our Trey Athletes to be leaders in their sport and leaders in their post-sport careers.


In Part 1 we focus on helping our Trey Athletes to develop the skills to excel in sports, in the classroom, and in their communities. The lessons in this section focus on developing the necessary soft skills to be help our Trey Athletes become well rounded leaders and role models in all of their pursuits. Furthermore, Trey Athletes develop the skills so that they are prepared to succeed at the next level of their choosing. Through lessons dedicated to self-efficacy, time-management, personal identity, and mental health our Trey Athletes are prepared for take on the increase in athletic and academic demands as they continue to play their sport.

Athlete Life Cycle

In Part 2 we focus on helping our Trey Athletes prepare for their post-sport lives. Whether it be after a hall-of-fame professional career or after a high school career, every athlete eventually enters their post-sport life. The lessons in this section are dedicated to getting our Trey Athletes to think about their interests and career possibilities outside of the athletic arena. Furthermore, the sessions also concentrate on how our Trey Athletes can use their platforms as athletes to make a positive impact on others. We seek to have our Trey Athletes walk away from these lessons feeling empowered to create positive change in their communities and to succeed in their endeavors after they are done playing sports.

College Prep

In Part 3 we focus on helping our Trey Athletes make an informed college choice. Lessons in this section focus on teaching our athletes about the college application and decision process. Furthermore this section dedicates lessons to one’s online presence so that our Trey Athletes learn how to represent themselves online in a professional and appropriate manner. We seek to instill in our Trey Athletes the ability to connect the traits that make them successful in athletics to traits that make successful outside of athletics, so that they may succeed academically and professionally in their lives.

Three Pillars of Success


Trey Academy seeks to provide expertise in navigating our Trey Athletes through the college process by providing them student-athlete specific information so that they can make an informed college decision. From how to become NCAA eligible to providing a safe space for discussing the pressures of being a recruited athlete, our curriculum serves to empower our Trey Athletes to make an informed college decision.


Trey strives to prepare Trey Athletes to succeed on the field and in the classroom at the next level. Trey Athletes are taught the essentials on how to navigate the demanding schedule and expectations of a collegiate student-athlete. Through lessons and discussions dedicated to time management skills, self-efficacy, mental health, and leveraging the resources available at college Trey Athletes leave with a toolbox for college success.


Trey academy addresses a pressing topic for athletes everywhere. The transition from athlete to post-athlete life comes at some point for every competitor. Whether it be in high school, after college, or after a hall of fame career, Trey Academy’s curriculum seeks to get ahead of the curve by preparing our Trey Athletes for that eventual transition. By focusing on questions of personal identity, connecting the traits that makes one a successful athlete to traits that make one a successful professional, and post-sport mental and physical fitness Trey Athletes are prepared to continue being leaders and role models after their sports careers end.

Who is a Trey Athlete?


Trey Athletes excel in athletics and pride themselves on being high achieving student-athletes. Trey Athletes are serious about the sports they play and have ambitions to continue their athletic careers at the next level.


Trey Athletes compete in the classroom and have proven their ability to balance school and sport at the collegiate level. Trey Athletes are exemplary students who take pride in their grades and seek to make the most of the academic opportunities available to them.


Trey Athletes are leaders and role models as students, athletes, and members of their communities; applicants are eager to continue building transferable leadership skills through sport.

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